Thiago Belem

Thiago Belem TiuTalk

Hi! My name is Thiago Belem, I’m a full-stack software engineer and teacher, working as a digital nomad while I travel from city to city. Currently I’m working with StellaService and, before that, I’ve worked with other awesome companies like Kyokan, StudySoup, HE:labs, enjoei :P, ESPN Brasil and

I’m also creator of Assando Sites, a project where I taught Ruby on Rails and CakePHP to more than 450 developers new frameworks, tools, workflows and techniques.

Furthermore, I deliver fantastic Ruby on Rails apps using Agile methodologies, and TDD and CI are the most important tools on my belt.

On my spare time, you can find me between the woods or on the top of some mountains, hiking between the rocks & amazing sightseeing.